Scott Carr

In his role as President, Carr is responsible for the overall management of the company and its divisions.  This includes implementing and communicating the company’s mission and core values, aligning business and customer goals, stakeholder management, along with establishing a strategic vision for growth and profitability.

As a second-generation owner of the company, Scott has spent his entire life working in the logistics business.  It began in 1976 working full-time for his father as an order filler on the warehouse floor.  After graduating from college in 1981, he moved to a Supervisor role at their W. Palmer St. location.  In 19##, he helped establish 2800 Corporation, the company’s transportation division, to meet a need for distribution across NC from customers.  This is included managing # employees, 15 tractors, and 20 trailers between two terminals in the states.  In the early 90’s after closing 2800 Corporation, Carr refocused his attention to marketing and sales that garnered several new customers, many of which are still with the company.  During this time, he also established Bonded Pac, the packaging division, in 1993 to help diversify the company, grow revenue, and increase margins.

In 2001, Scott was promoted to President as part of secession planning process for the company that included a transition from Bonded Distribution to Bonded Logistics to reflect the company’s diversification.  With Scott at the helm, the company has seen tremendous growth with the addition of seven buildings, expansion into three regions, introduction of five lines of business, and the establishment of a transportation brokerage division.

Mr. Carr holds a Bachelor of ???? in ???? from Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC.