Warehousing solutions that make a big impact on your business.

Core Services

Global companies across a broad range of industries trust us to take care of their distribution needs.


We help ensure your manufacturing facility is running at its full potential.


E-commerce fulfillment with Bonded Logistics will help take your business to new heights.


A wide range of storage options to fit all your warehousing needs.


Warehousing solutions that make a big impact on your business.

It’s been our focus since the company was founded in 1972. We’ve got over 2 million sq. ft. of secure warehousing space with ambient, temp-controlled, and hazardous storage environments. Our robust warehouse management systems (WMS) helps us accurately manage inventory, shipments, and workflows from multiple sources like ERP systems. Wireless warehouses outfitted with the latest RF-based devices ensure real-time visibility of inventory on our proprietary client web portal. Data analytics combined with ISO quality standards means we are constantly finding ways to improve your business. Whether it’s a public warehousing environment or a dedicated facility and team to manage an integral part of your supply chain, we have the tools and resources to build you a customized solution.

Why Choose Us?

Broad Range Of Experience & Expertise

Customized Solutions Provider

Expansive Footprint Of Public & Dedicated Facilities

Technology Driven

Flexibility To Scale Based On Needs

Continuous Process Improvement

Customer-matched Quality Standards

Client Solutions

165,000 sq. ft. dedicated facility with ambient and climate-controlled storage to provide raw materials to manufacturing plant for an automobile parts manufacturer.


300,000 sq. ft. dedicated and public facilities with ambient storage for US distribution for a global manufacturer of high-performance, multi-use protection solutions.


80K sq. ft. of ambient storage at public facility for a multinational company in both consumer and industrial sectors to provide raw materials to manufacturing plant as well as store and ship finished goods.


5K sq. ft. of bin and bulk shelving for an e-cigarette company to reduce its warehouse footprint by 50% and streamline order processing and fulfillment.



The entire Bonded family has done an outstanding job with our distribution needs. When folks within our group discuss third party warehouse opportunities; we continually refer to the Bonded Logistics partnership as our model.

Distribution Manager
Commercial Roofing Manufacturer

We would like to thank all at Bonded Logistics for outstanding work managing handling and transportation of our pharmaceutical products.  The dedication and strong customer focus, attention to detail, and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ are greatly appreciated.

Global Sourcing Manager
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

With so many variations of products to be stocked, distributed, and recorded, it is important for us to have the confidence that we have both the correct warehouse space and the assurance that the correct stock is picked and delivered. We feel very confident that Bonded meets our total needs.

UK/US Sales Representative
Hot Melt Products Manufacturer

Our Locations

Proximity to Atlantic Coast ports, an intermodal facility, a major interstate intersection, an inland terminal, an international airport, and a day’s drive to over 50 major US markets all make Charlotte, NC an ideal location for receiving and shipping goods and services.

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