A wide range of storage options to fit all your warehousing needs.

No two customers are alike when it comes to their needs for warehouse storage.  That’s why we’ve made it our mission to become experts within all of these categories so that we can be successful when building a customized solution for you.


Public vs. Dedicated

Public locations, which make up over 65% of our facility space, are utilized by multiple clients looking to share costs of the building and resources like equipment and labor associated with operating the warehouse.  Our dedicated facilities, which make up the other 35%, are utilized by one client as an extension of their warehousing operations.

Types of Storage

There are three types of storage that we offer across all of our Bonded facilities, and at some locations we have multiple types.  We have 80% of facility space with ambient (room temperature) storage, which is utilized by our clients in the retail and manufacturing verticals.  We have 15% of facility space with temperate-controlled storage (typically cold or chilled), which is utilized by our clients in the food and medical industry.  Lastly, we have 5% of facility space designated as hazardous storage (flammable liquids, chemicals), which is utilized by our clients in the chemicals industry.

Types of Racking

Racking in warehousing typically means how your inventory is stored within the facility.  We offer three types of racking in our locations, and in various you’ll find all three.  Bulk space, which makes up 85% of our facility space, has no racking and is for inventory that can be stacked high on top of each other.  We also offer rack space, which makes up 10% of our facility space and is for products that cannot be stacked. Finally, for our e-commerce fulfillment operation, we offer bin rack space, which allows for easy order picking and processing as each bin is associated with a certain product.

Why Choose Us?

Broad range of experience & expertise

Customized solutions provider

Modern materials handling equipment

Robust Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Proprietary Customer Web Portal

Continuous Process Improvement

99.9% Order accuracy

KPI Measurement

Value-added services like distribution & transportation

Data Analytics

Client Solutions

100K SF of warehouse space for global manufacturer of housing materials to store raw material and finished goods off site from production facility to keep up with production demands.

60K sq. ft. of climate-controlled hazardous storage in a public facility for a global leader in laundry, home care, and beauty brands and technologies

10K sq. ft. of ambient storage for web-based publishing service to store raw materials during peak seasons of production.

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