E-Commerce Fulfillment

E-commerce fulfillment with Bonded Logistics will help take your business to new heights.

How? By outsourcing back-end e-commerce fulfillment to an industry leader who has the dedicated resources to take on one of the most space and capital consuming parts of your business. That means more time for you to focus on what’s important –your core business. Bonded Logistics has the infrastructure and expertise to help you succeed in e-commerce fulfillment of your online orders. Our secure and dedicated e-commerce operation is outfitted with flow-racking, shelving, bins and piece-pack stations to easily manage orders. We have a robust warehouse management system (WMS) that allows for easy communication with your storefront to manage inventory and orders as well as a custom-built client web portal for real time visibility. Trained experts in e-commerce will operate as if they are part of your organization, maintaining the high quality we know is extremely important. Running a successful e-commerce operation is a major undertaking. Make it easier when you let us provide your back-end e-commerce fulfillment.


Seamless integration with your storefront

Online inventory visibility

B2B & B2C Environments

Retail Compliance

Customer-matched attention to detail

Rate-shopping across parcel carriers

24/7 Order Tracking

Returns processing

Flexibility to scale up & down

Inventory Management

Why Choose Us?

Secure & Dedicated e-commerce space

Versatile Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Process-driven quality program

Customer web portal for complete visibility

Experienced e-commerce workforce

99.9% order accuracy

KPI Management

Continuous Improvement

Strong replationships with parcel carriers

Client Solutions

5K sq. ft. of bin and bulk shelving for an e-cigarette company to reduce its warehouse footprint by 50% and streamline order processing and fulfillment

1,500 sq. ft. of bin shelving for a national electronic parts manufacturer with very specialized JIT operation that was expanding operations to East Coast

500 sq. ft. of bin and bulk shelving for an off-priced women’s apparel and accessories e-commerce business that needed warehousing support and order fulfillment to meet rapid growth

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