Glass Warehouse

We have made visibility a top priority at Bonded Logistics through our Glass Warehouse Initiative.  Introduced in 2012, the transparency initiative breaks down into three key areas of focus for us – deploying advanced systems, state-of-the-art technology, and valuable data analytics.  Each of these play an integral part in creating visibility throughout our facilities, from receiving and shipping to physical inventories and returns.  And this insight is just what our clients need to better manage their supply chain.

“Visibility has become vital for 3PL companies.  Gone are the days when warehousing was seen as four walls with no one knowing what’s going on inside.  It’s important for our clients to see inside our warehouse walls because that insight helps them with their business.  Investing in systems, technology, and data analytics through this initiative has allowed us to make that happen.”
– Scott Carr, President of Bonded Logistics

Areas of Focus


Systems are the gateway for Bonded’s customers to gain access into what’s going on with their inventory inside the warehouse.  A robust warehouse management system aggregates data from multiple sources such as ERP systems, secure cloud servers, and shipping software, and makes it available through a secure, intranet web site called Bonded Logistics Web Portal (BLI Web).  Clients have 24-7 access to their inventory to build reports on what’s in the warehouse, what’s been shipped out, what’s been returned, inventory history, as well as order velocity.  This insight helps clients plan and operate their supply chain more efficiently and proactively.


Key investments in technology have allowed Bonded the ability to provide its clients with real-time access to what’s going on inside the warehouse.  Equipment like RF Scanners, iPads for physical inventory checks, and Bar Code printers all coupled with wireless warehouses has allowed for optimization of its warehouses and made them significantly more efficient.  This technology enables real-time data transactions to be captured, allowing customers that instantaneous view of their inventory whenever they want it.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is the newest form of visibility for Bonded, giving its customers not only a look at the past but more importantly a glimpse into the future. Using its WMS, Bonded is constantly analyzing customer data and turning it into actionable information. This is communicated through KPI reporting and quarterly business reviews with clients to help them spot trends, refine plans, and forecast inventory levels better. Data analytics have become so important that Bonded has brought on additional staff to assist in this effort as they feel this has huge potential to help their clients.

Glass Warehouse Insights

Bonded Logistics is thrilled to share with others how the Glass Warehouse Initiative is making a positive impact throughout its business. View our quarterly blog posts below to learn more.

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