Manufacturing Support

We ensure your facility is running at its full potential with manufacturing support.

Experience and resources help us build customized solutions to support manufacturing efforts. It starts with gaining a complete understanding of needs and objectives through in-depth onboarding. We capitalize on over 2 million sq. ft. of public or dedicated facilities with a wide range of storage to warehouse and transport your raw materials and finished goods for manufacturing support. Our robust WMS, which integrates with your ERP systems, allows us to properly warehouse your manufacturing support inventory and make sure it’s delivered “just in time” for production. Innovative technology created by our Glass Warehouse Initiative allows you real time visibility of your inventory levels, shipments, and receipts. Data analysis and ISO quality standards means continuous improvements on processes, which means faster output and quicker speed to market of your finished goods. It’s critical for manufacturing facilities to stay focused on making products as fast and efficiently as possible. Don’t sacrifice valuable resources, time and money worrying about how to do manufacturing support yourself. Rely on a trusted partner like us to provide the solution.


JIT (Just-In-Time) Delivery

In-plant replenishment

Kitting & Packing

Cycle Counting & Physical Inventories


Ambient, Climate-controlled and Hazardous storage

Bulk, Rack and Bin Shelving

Inventory Management

Pallet-pick, case-pick and pick-n-pack

TL, LTL and small parcel shipments

24/7 Operations

Vendor Managed Inventory

Why Choose Us?

Robust Warehouse Management System

Modern materials handling equipment

Data Analytics

KPI Measurement

Value-added services like distribution & transportation

Customer Web Portal

Continuous Improvement

Inventory Management

Client Solutions

165K sq. ft. dedicated facility with ambient and climate-controlled storage to provide raw materials to manufacturing plant for an automobile parts manufacturer

80K sq. ft. of ambient storage at public facility for a multinational company in both consumer and industrial sectors to provide raw materials to manufacturing plant as well as store and ship finished goods

67K sq. ft. of temp-controlled storage at public facility for a dental equipment manufacturer to support assembly facility with daily TL as well as expedited shipments

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