3PL Bonded Logistics Unveils New, Redesigned Website

Intuitive design, user-friendly navigation, and updated content highlight upgrades to www.bondedlogistics.com

CHARLOTTE, NC (December 13, 2016) – Bonded Logistics, a privately-owned global third-party logistics (3PL) provider, has unveiled a new, redesigned company website at www.bondedlogistics.com.  Upgrades include an intuitive design and user-friendly navigation, fresh content and graphics, as well as several new features designed to showcase the company as a leading supplier of supply chain management solutions.

“We really like the way the new website has turned out,” stated Scott Carr, President of Bonded Logistics. “It was due for a new look and feel, and what we’ve put together definitely provides that.  The updated content and images really help to tell our company’s story and the outstanding logistics services we provide.  The new resources section is a great place for us to showcase the benefits of the 3PL industry.  I really appreciate the hard work from everyone to get it done.”

bli-2016-home-page“The updated content and images really help to tell our company’s story and the outstanding logistics services we provide.”
– Scott Carr, President, Bonded Logistics

Major enhancements to the website include an adaptive design for easy viewing on smartphones and tablets as well as a simplified layout to improve the user experience.  There has also been upgrades to the content and images to better describe and illustrate the company’s background, its divisions and services, along with the benefits of working with 3PL providers.

The new user experience starts with a sleek home page designed to give visitors a complete overview of the company.  Each of the three divisions – warehousing, its packaging division Bonded Pac, and transportation – are clearly outlined with a background on core services, benefits, latest news, and testimonials.  Core services pages have also been enhanced with a detailed overview, capabilities, and recent solutions showing why companies have chosen Bonded for their outsourced logistics.

Several new features have also been added including an in-depth technology section highlighting the company’s best-in-class systems, innovative equipment, and web visibility tools.  This is also where the company’s Glass Warehouse Initiative, a push for complete visibility across its operations, is highlighted in detail.  The locations page has been overhauled with details and maps showing facility locations.  A resources section has also been added for company and industry news, a company blog, case studies, white papers, and videos to help highlight why companies choose 3PL providers like Bonded to build their business.

“A strong web presence is critical for businesses,” stated Jan McCormick, Jr., Marketing Director at Bonded Logistics.  “It’s typically the first place people go when researching a company.  This new site really helps to illustrate our company, divisions, and core logistics services.  It also opens up so much for us in terms of versatility and content creation.  There’s a lot we’ve got to say about 3PL’s and the benefits our customers get from working with us.”

The redesigned website was developed in partnership with Sublmnl Design, a full-service design studio based in Concord, NC, that focuses on delivering creative solutions for brands.  To learn more, visit www.sublmnldesign.com.