An Update Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our President and Owner, Scott Carr, shared the following information with our employees, clients, and partners to update them on how we are reacting to the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis. Whether you are looking to do business with us or trying to find work, these are important guidelines you need to be aware of.

We continue to find ourselves in uncharted waters as the effects of the COVID-19 crisis hits closer and closer to home. Since my last message, schools and businesses around us have closed, thousands of people are out of jobs, and the county where we have a bulk of our locations has put in place a stay-at-home proclamation for residents. The good news for us is that, thankfully, our industry has been deemed essential infrastructure so we can continue to operate.

As I previously mentioned, we created a Coronavirus Task Force to help us continue to stay informed of any new or changing information. I wanted to share with you some of the important developments we have been discussing.


Employee safety continues to be at the forefront of our efforts. We have stepped up sanitation at all facilities, and make sure social distancing is always in effect. We have asked all non-essential operations employees to work from home. We are following CDC cleaning recommendations at our facilities to minimize any potential spread. We are also preparing to put in place temperature checks before employees enter facilities as another safety precaution.


The US Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Administration (CISA) has deemed our industry as critical infrastructure. The supply chain is an essential part of how the United States of America operates on a daily basis. We are doing everything we can to encourage our employees to come to work so we can do our part to help our country.


As of March 26, 2020, Mecklenburg County (where we have 9 of our 12 facilities) issued a stay-at-home proclamation. Although this should not affect our operations, HR has put together a letter for all employees to use as documentation they are working for a company deemed essential in case they have difficulty getting to any of our buildings.

As I mentioned in my last message, we encourage you to make us aware of anything from your perspective that would affect our daily operations so we can take the necessary precautions. 

On behalf of everyone at Bonded, we appreciate your continued partnership and support during this difficult time. If there is anything else we can do to assist you, please let me or one of our team members know.