Bonded Logistics Announces Strategic Relocation of Bonded Pac to Flagship Facility

CHARLOTTE, NC (June 11, 2024) – Bonded Logistics, a leading provider of third-party logistics (3PL) solutions, announces the strategic relocation of Bonded Pac to the company’s 500,000 sq. ft. flagship facility. The move is designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency and provide more cost-effective supply chain solutions for clients and prospective clients.

“We are excited about this opportunity to embed our contract packaging and manufacturing operation into our newest and largest facility,” states Scott Carr, President and Owner of Bonded Logistics. “The transition has been seamless as we expand our capabilities to offer many services that are highly valued in the region. This will also allow us to offer a more streamlined single-source supply chain solution, with our “One Bonded” approach of packaging, warehousing and transportation service offerings. Bonded is committed to a growth trajectory while continuing to offer our existing clients a consistent, high level of service.”

The new address is 5224 Gibbon Road in Charlotte, less than a half-mile away from its previous facility at 7335 Statesville Road, in the Metrolina Business Park. This move allows Bonded Pac to combine core services of contract packaging and manufacturing with storage, fulfillment and distribution solutions under one roof. In addition to enhancing production capabilities, the move also comes with the same certifications, credentials, quality and outstanding customer service that Bonded Pac clients have come to rely on.

Traditional contract packaging and manufacturing providers offer rework/repair, retail displays and a variety of packaging solutions, but lack the ability to offer distribution and transportation. By Bonded streamlining these operations, overall costs are reduced passing those savings on to the clients without compromising on quality. The increase in capacity also supports the company’s strategy to better bundle operations and meet the growing demands of our clients.

“We are excited about moving our co-man/co-pack operations into our largest distribution center,” said Jon Hayward, VP of Bonded Pac. “This strategic move not only enhances our operation efficiency but also increases our footprint just in time for the seasonal push.  By streamlining our services into one building, we can minimize handling costs, streamline order processing, and reduce overall order cycle times.”

For more information about the relocation or to learn more about Bonded Pac’s comprehensive contract packaging and manufacturing solutions, visit or contact the Bonded Pac team by clicking HERE. To check out the new location in Google maps, click HERE.