Bonded Logistics Maintains ISO Certification, Adds Facility to Certificate

Quality management systems audit by MCNA verifies 3PL provider’s compliance with ISO 9001:2015 Standard

CHARLOTTE, NC (May 28, 2021) – Bonded Logistics, a quality-driven third-party logistics (3PL) provider headquartered in Charlotte, NC, announces that the company has successfully completed their ISO 9001:2015 surveillance audit for the 2021 calendar year.  This audit was completed by Management Certification of North America (MCNA), and includes a recommendation to add one facility to Bonded’s certificate.

“This past year has been incredibly difficult due to the pandemic, but we maintained our commitment to ISO,” states Scott Carr, President of Bonded Logistics.  “It was a unique set of circumstances to have to do this differently than we have done in the past, but our employees came through like they always do. I want to thank everyone that participated for another successful audit.  Congratulations also to the team at 7300 on achieving ISO certification.”

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The International Organization for Standards (ISO) provides guidance and tools across various aspects of quality management to help companies like Bonded Logistics be more efficient and effective.  The audit, which took place virtually in April of 2021, covered four days and included interviews with over 25 employees across multiple business units.  The MCNA auditor reviewed criteria around the 9001:2015 Standard, which emphasizes risk management and making sure organizations like Bonded Logistics understand the scope of what they do for clients as well as how to identify and reduce associated risks.

“This audit went extremely well, especially under the circumstances surrounding things being virtual,” states Wallace Everett, who leads the ISO efforts as Quality Administrator/Project Manager for Bonded Logistics.  “Having never done something like this before, everything was very thorough.  I thought all of our people did an outstanding job at presenting their information in a fashion that the auditor could receive it, understand it, and honestly evaluate how we are doing as an organization.”

In addition to the surveillance audit, the MCNA auditor recommended that one additional facility that Bonded had been preparing for ISO certification.  This location, a 115,295 sq. ft. dedicated distribution facility located in Charlotte, NC, opened in 2019 and has been working toward certification since opening.

“I am extremely proud of everyone at 7300 and how they presented themselves,” adds Everett.  “The leadership there are veterans when it comes to operating ISO certified facilities.  They adopted the ISO principles from the beginning when we opened the building, and they were extremely prepared with all their documentation and during the interview process.”

The addition of Facility 7300 to Bonded’s ISO 9001:2015 certificate means that 11 of 12 locations across their network as well as all three divisions – warehousing, contract packaging, and transportation brokerage – now meet this standard.