Boost Marketing with Contract Packaging





By Jan McCormick, Jr., Director of Marketing and Communications

Wondering how contract packaging could provide a way to boost your marketing efforts?  Two very impactful words – secondary packaging.  Secondary packaging offers a great way to highlight your brand and showcase your products in a crowded retail space.  But this type of packaging can be difficult, especially with the equipment, space, and labor involved to get it all done. That’s where companies rely on contract packaging for assistance.

Bonded Pac handles secondary packaging for a broad range of CPG clients including retail displays, multi-packs and variety packs, kits, twin-packs and bonus packs.  Let’s go a little deeper into each of these areas to see if one might be a good fit for you.

Retail Displays

Retail displays, also referred to as Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays, are a great way to rise above in a sea of store clutter.  POPs draw attention to a particular brand or special offers that create additional value or showcase the advantages of a product.  These displays are generally located at the check-out area or other high-traffic location where the purchase decision is made.  Retail displays can be as simple as a countertop display with product or a full-on four-sided pallet display with lights and mechanics.

Our flexible 218,000 sq. ft. facility and scalable labor force allow us to handle both small and large projects for any type of permanent or temporary retail POP displays. We utilize the latest packaging software for end-to-end project management, inventory control, and client visibility.  Get added insight into four critical components to creating successful POP displays by clicking here.

Multi-Packs / Variety Packs

Multi-packs and variety packs create a wide range of benefits for your business.  Introduce products, attract new customers, reduce excess inventory, and increase sales to name just a few. The variety pack gives you a unique opportunity to share more of your products with consumers, whether it be different flavors or products. A multi-pack is a package of multiple units of the same product, and it offers consumers an opportunity to pay less per unit.  In both instances, the consumer gets a better price and the manufacturer pushes more volume.

We offer various types of equipment to produce multi-packs and variety packs, including shrink wrappers, steam tunnels, and L-sealers. Our resources are planned and designed for this type of work, specifically when it comes to equipment, facilities, systems, and project management.  Learn how we make packaging multiple products easier by clicking here.


Kitting is the process in which individually separate but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together.  Also described as assembly, it can be grouping unfinished materials together in order to create a finished product, or assembling two or more finished products into a bigger group. Kitting is typically done when you need to bring multiple items that are not manufactured together to make one complete unit.  There are a variety of items that are kitted, such as direct mailers, product samples, mops, and disaster kits.

Our production and warehousing facility can handle production as well as storage of raw materials for kitting. Our team of packaging professionals can provide engineering, design, proto-types, and project management. In-house procurement and sourcing helps us find the best prices on materials and components.

Twin-Packs / Value Packs

Twin-packs and value packs are often used for promotional giveaways such as “buy one get one free,” samples of a new product, or travel size versions of a larger product. Sleeving helps to get product to stand out above the competition in the aisle or on the shelf.  Twin-pack and multi-pack shrink sleeves work with all sorts of products and markets like food, beverage, beauty, health, and more.  Sleeves create a 360° full-length billboard around these packs allowing for more space to market product.

We’ve invested heavily in steam tunnels because it provides the highest level of shrink quality for sleeving. Flexible resources along with modern equipment help our Key Account Managers fulfill small to large-scale orders and meet demands on short lead-time orders. Strict quality control ensures customer-matched quality standards and attention to detail on every pack.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on how we can help boost your marketing efforts, it’s time to take the next step.  Reach out to us to see how we can help get you started!