LeanCor Supply Chain Group to Lead Bonded Logistics Through Continuous Improvement Training for Cultural Transformation


FLORENCE, KY–(August 27, 2020)—LeanCor Supply Chain Group, a trusted provider in end-to-end supply chain management and corporate training programs, today announced that Bonded Logistics, a Charlotte-based 3PL that integrates warehousing, contract packaging, and transportation services, has chosen LeanCor to provide continuous improvement training in order to help Bonded better serve its clients.

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Training will begin with a cultural maturity assessment and cover topics such as leadership alignment and management systems, with a focus on improving operational costs, productivity, and creating a problem-solving culture. A diverse group of Bonded Logistics’ leadership team has been selected to participate in the training so that the knowledge gained can quickly be spread throughout the network and build continuity.

“We’re excited to strategically partner with a like-minded company that is dedicated to continuous improvement,” said Ben Green, Vice President of Operations at LeanCor. “I am eager to see how Bonded advances its already strong culture to achieve new levels of meaningful work and customer service.”

“I am really excited about this unique partnership with LeanCor,” said Scott Carr, President of Bonded Logistics. “This is the first time we’ve ventured into something this big from a training perspective. Even though we are starting with a small group, the intention is to get everyone involved so it can have a positive effect on the whole company. I can’t wait to get this started.”

About Bonded Logistics

Bonded Logistics is a technology-driven third-party logistics (3PL) provider based in Charlotte, N.C with over 2 million sq. ft. of facility space spread across 12 locations in NC. Privately owned and operated, Bonded integrates warehousing, contract packaging, and transportation services to offer a single-source supply chain solution for their broad client base. Since 1972, Bonded Logistics has been committed to providing its clients with customized, innovative, and superior solution-based logistics.  For more information, please visit www.bondedlogistics.com.

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Headquartered in Florence, KY, LeanCor is a strategic supply chain partner that provides third party logistics, supply chain consulting, and corporate training programs. These three, integrated solutions – LeanCor Logistics, LeanCor Consulting, and LeanCor Training and Education – uniquely specialize in lean principles to help businesses better serve their customers by eliminating waste, decreasing costs, and building cultures of continuous improvement. For more information, visit LeanCor.com or follow LeanCor on LinkedIn.