NC Elevated COVID Cases, Prevention Reminders

Our President and Owner, Scott Carr, shared the following information with our employees in regards to the announcement from NC Governor Cooper extending Phase 3 of COVID-19 restrictions due to elevated cases.

The Governor of North Carolina recently announced that the state of North Carolina has extended Phase 3 of COVID-19 restrictions.  This is due to the fact that our state has seen a record number of new positive COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations since the summer’s worst weeks.

This increased spike is something we all need to be mindful of, whether we are here at work or out about town.  As the state continues to open, the risk to spread infection continues to gets higher and higher.  When you add in that Daylight Savings Time has ended and colder weather approaches, the possibilities increase even more with people spending more time indoors.

To limit exposure for yourself and other employees, I want to remind everyone that we need to adhere to the following precautions.  These guidelines should not only be followed here at work, but I would encourage you to follow these any time you are around others.  The more we can do together to further prevent the spread of COVID, the better chances we have of keeping all of us safe.