Packaging World Highlights Coke Consolidated Partnership

Partnerships are crucial for survival with many businesses, but especially when it comes to contract packaging. So, we are excited that Packaging World has highlighted our work with Coke Consolidated in their latest publication of Contract Packaging. Specifically, it focuses on how they came to us with a new project where we lacked the capabilities, but like a true partner we figured out how to get the work done.

Core Values Translate to Project Success

Co-packer Bonded Pac puts the company’s core values into play to bring on the capabilities needed to produce print-registered club-store multipacks for Coke-Consolidated in record time.

Described by SVP, Product Supply Planning of Coca-Cola Consolidated, Inc. Brett Frankenberg as “a great partner and even better people,” co-packer Bonded Pac of Charlotte, N.C., recently completed a project for the U.S.’s largest Coca-Cola bottler that put the co-packer’s core values—God Honoring, Service Excellence, Teamwork, and Innovation—on full display.

In July 2019, Coke-Consolidated approached Bonded Pac with a new job that required the assembly and wrapping of club-store multipacks in print-registered film. Although at the time, the co-packer lacked the equipment required to do the job, within the space of just three months, it was up and running, producing Coke-Consolidated’s Variety Pack in brightly-colored, brand-enhancing shrink film.  

Being nimble is a core advantage of co-packers, but it’s Bonded Pac’s customer service, transparency, innovation, and family values that Jon Hayward, Vice President of Bonded Pac, says also differentiates it from other contract packaging companies. Incorporating those values into its daily operations is what made the Coke-Consolidated project possible.

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