Bonded Pac Helps Repurpose 2.86 Million Beverage Products

Bonded Pac Helps Repurpose 2.86 Million Beverage Products

The Client

A beverage manufacturer that utilizes regional contract fillers to help fill and distribute products to retailers around the globe.

The Challenge

This beverage company was looking for a way to remarket 24-pack cases of five flavors of filled cans for existing geographic regions. They knew that sleeving the cans with a decorative shrink sleeve would be a quick and economical way to relabel them while reducing associated waste and disposal costs.  A convenient location along their supply chain was critical to keep transportation costs to a minimum.  They also needed to have certain requirements met such as lot code traceability and tray bundling for redistribution.

The Solution

Bonded Pac’s 215,000 square foot facility provided an ideal location to work with the contract filler and sleeve manufacturer, minimizing downtime in the supply chain.  A versatile shrink sleeve applicator easily applied new labels while a steam tunnel ensured the highest level of shrink quality, keeping the look of the cans simple and clean, just as if they were freshly painted. Automated tray bundling allowed for quick repackaging back into 24-pack cases.  PackManager packaging software allowed for complete traceability of lot codes from receipt through production and shipment.

The Results

Bonded Pac easily met the time requirements from the customer to sleeve, bundle, and create 1,708 pallets so that they were ready for shipment to the new markets.  Instead of the beverage manufacturer taking a loss on wasted painted cans and associated recycling costs, relabeling provided new life to cans that were eventually remarketed for future sales and profit.

  • 2.86 million sleeve labels
  • 133,000 yards of bundling film
  • 119,580 24-pack case trays
  • 1,708 pallets of product
  • 3 Pieces of equipment, including Sleeve Applicator, Steam Tunnel, and Bundler