Bonded Logistics Completes ISO 9001 Recertification, Adds Two Facilities to Certificate

iso-logo-300x103CHARLOTTE, NC (June 21, 2016) – Bonded Logistics, a customer-focused third-party logistics (3PL) provider headquartered in Charlotte, NC announced today that the company has been recertified by the Management Certification of North America (MCNA) to the ISO 9001 Standard.  This is after an extensive five-day audit, which included a recommendation by the global registrar to add two facilities to Bonded’s certificate.

“Recertification to the ISO 9001 Standard is a great accomplishment,” stated Scott Carr, president of the privately owned supply chain management company.  “This is only possible due to the efforts of each and every one of our team members involved with the process.”

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001 Standard provides guidance and tools across various aspects of quality management to help companies be more efficient and effective.  This ISO 9001 recertification audit, which took place in the first quarter of 2016, covered five days and six locations.  The MCNA auditor reviewed documentation and processes for 20 different elements such as contracts, inventory control, labeling, corrective actions, and training.

“ISO certification provides a systematic control of activities that ensure the needs and expectations of our clients are met,” stated Wallace Everett, who was hired in 2014 as Quality Administrator/Project Manager for Bonded Logistics.  “This recertification shows our commitment to meet those needs at a very high level for both accuracy and efficiency.”

In addition to the recertification, the MCNA auditor toured two additional facilities that Bonded had been preparing for ISO certification.  The first facility, located in Salisbury, NC, opened in July of last year with processes and documentation that met ISO standards with certification in mind.  The second facility, located in south Charlotte, has been part of the Bonded footprint since 2006 and already had work instructions and documentation in place based on customer needs.  Bonded took this opportunity to start writing additional work instructions utilizing tools from the ISO quality toolbox to implement all of the programs necessary to meet the ISO standard.

This ISO 9001 recertification, coupled with the two additional facilities, means that 8 of 14 Bonded locations meet the ISO Standard.  “Our long term goal is to get all of our facilities certified under ISO standards,” added Carr.  “We see it as vital to not only how we run our business more efficiently, but to provide a better way to help meet or exceed our customers’ needs.”

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